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Turnkey Interior Solutions: Why are they beneficial for Startups?

One way to express one’s sense of style is through interior design. People are too busy with their daily lives to focus on anything that can bring them enjoyment and relaxation. Every startup business owner believes that the surroundings of their offices should be extremely professional, productive, and impressive. These stunning interior design options aid in giving their clientele a good impression of their company.

Coordination with designers and vendors such as carpenters, painters, masons, suppliers of aluminum and glass, electricians, etc., is required when designing a new office space. We need to identify the best contractors who can comprehend and carry out a design per the owner’s liking. Getting them to work together to complete the plan can be difficult because one contractor cannot begin before the other has finished. A Turnkey Interior Solution Provider steps in to allow them to collaborate in unison.


What is an Interior Turnkey Solution?

Providing a turnkey interiors solution reduces the risk associated with working with different suppliers. Here, one contractor oversees and coordinates the complete interior design process from beginning to end, minimizing the stress and workload on other vendors. If the owner engages many sorts of professionals, a large design project for a house or business space can be a challenging piece of work, but a turnkey interior solution provider will offer one point of contact and full accountability for the job up until handover.


Turnkey Interior Solution Benefits:

One-stop shop:

The best advantage of a turnkey interior solution provider is that it offers an integrated solution in which one contractor supervises and manages the entire interior design project from beginning to end. This thereby lowers the stress and workload on other collaborators like carpenters, painters, masons, suppliers of aluminum and glass, electricians, etc.

Cost-effective Budget:

Before choosing a turnkey interior solution provider, we must divide our costs according to the pros we hire because nobody wants their project budget to surpass. However, with a turnkey interior solution, a project manager would oversee every expense within our budget, and there would be just one supplier we needed to pay. It makes tracking expenditures and analyzing budgets simpler.

On-time Delivery:

A turnkey interior solution provider makes sure to complete projects on time by including the timelines of all the project’s subcontractors. Rather than managing numerous suppliers and professionals at once, they monitor a single timetable and get information from a single point of contact.

Space planning:

Creating a design that maximizes space is an essential component of any business or home. Most of the interior décor products you want to incorporate can be replaced by turnkey interior solutions efficiently and productively.

Future Servicing & Maintenance:

A turnkey interior solution offers post-completion service for the interiors completed at the location. It provides guarantees for maintenance and repair.


Turnkey Interior Solution Services:

  • Interior furnishing
  • Modular furniture
  • HVAC electrical services
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture and fitting
  • Painting and masonry
  • Carpeting and flooring
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Hiring and coordination of vendors


Redesigning your office space is a service offered by many turnkey interior companies. But if you work with StudioDNA, we’ll ensure your turnkey interior project is completed on schedule, within budget, and with strict quality control. Contact us if you want to upgrade or renovate your interiors.

One such turnkey project is Yamazen, a Japan-based company involved in the trade and distribution of machine tools and industrial and engineering tools. The two-storeyed structure we designed for them includes the display and sales corporate office. We gave the whole interior a white look with a pop of three fresh colors corresponding to their logo.

We offer complete, expert turnkey interior solutions that take care of both design and implementation. Our knowledgeable and experienced team delivers every one of our services.

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