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How Do Water Features Benefit Your Office Space Interior?

The water elements like beautiful fountains and displays may provide the office interior design with a lot of advantages. Most office interior designers nowadays agree that including features in the workplace elevate visual interest which may reduce stress and even boost productivity.

There are two main subcategories of water features created for commercial spaces:

Architectural water features and natural (or naturalistic) water features are the architectural water features which come includes a wide range of shapes, sizes and can take the form of interactive fountains, show fountains, classic fountains, water walls, reflecting pools, interactive fountains etc. The Naturalistic water features include streams, waterfalls, ponds, lakes, or mostly a combination of these.

All property owners and facility managers would like to implement a variety of these features in corporate, healthcare, educational, and commercial sites in order to improve the atmosphere and draw tenants looking to recruit top talent.

Read on to know how these features can benefit your office space interior:

Creates a Soothing Environment:

A water feature offers relaxing noises and visual stimuli. For instance, a well-planned and lighted fountain may be visually appealing and calming. Visually, it has an eye-catching attraction that can keep spectators’ attention, thanks to the water’s constant flow. These things might divert attention away from the stressful aspects of the work environment.

Most fountains that have running water also make noises similar to running water. These noises may evoke images of a tranquil brook gently babbling, adding to the fountain’s relaxing impact. The sounds of the workplace setting are muffled by the sounds of the fountain. White noise is an impact that can assist lessen the stress brought on by more commonplace noises like office equipment, ringing phones, and conversations.

Increases Property Value:

Property owners and developers place a lot of importance on aesthetics. Stakeholders also consider size, context, and atmosphere when choosing an commercial property. The most advantageous architectural component would be one with an aesthetic bent for a manicured setting with plants and other natural elements. A space for water features is what raises its value considerably.

Attracts Attention:

When put in a break room or a waiting or reception area, fountains may serve as a meeting spot for visitors and staff. Specially created water features with the company’s name or brand identity can be used to sell to customers or encourage staff loyalty. To attract attention to the fountain area, designers frequently provide seats or observation spaces for visitors to admire its beauty.

Provides an Inlet of Air:

Some of the water in a fountain might evaporate into the atmosphere due to the flowing water. This raises the air’s humidity and may even make the office’s air more breathable. Depending on the environment, adding moisture to the workplace air may be advantageous. Adding extra water to the workplace air may increase office interior humidity levels to an unpleasant and harmful level in areas with naturally high air humidity. A water feature may lessen or even replace the requirement for a humidifier in dry conditions.

Reutilizes Water:

Designing and constructing fountains that utilize water effectively in various ways is the most sensible way to think about the environment. Modern water features are increasingly being designed and built sustainably by frequently using water from non-potable sources, including recycled water, collected HVAC condensate, and rainwater collection. Fountains also recycle water, reducing only evaporation—which may be reduced with automated wind control and fountain jet selection.

Beyond water loss, there has been an increase in interest in external fountains that sanitize water biologically and without chemicals. As they drain to storm sewers rather than sanitary sewers, these systems allow property owners and facility managers to save on chemicals and chemical handling expenses. They can also reduce or eliminate impact and sewage fees.





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